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Springer spaniel peeing blood

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YOU presume too damn much. And again, I see you got no problem with extremist Christian views and those who put those views into practice now do you?

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Springer spaniel peeing blood
Springer spaniel peeing blood
Springer spaniel peeing blood
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Doudal 01.04.2018
Shannon is a he.
Daizragore 03.04.2018
I worship Freya because She is the embodiment of the Eternal Feminine, which I feel is a worthy thing to worship as a man. It does not mean to be submissive to women, but to see their true nature, to understand it, and to cherish it.
Guhn 04.04.2018
Right LOL...LOLOLOL I literally snorted by this comment
Fenrizshura 12.04.2018
ELYAH Jude Alexander is a Man.
Tygogore 21.04.2018
And as I just read in the comment string you skipped over the one with them providing the links.
Majas 27.04.2018
The only map he has is of Russia
Kiktilar 07.05.2018
If there is any doubt just how evil the Liberals are remember they support the killing of the most defenseless among us.
Babar 15.05.2018
Obama?s a fucktard.
Nikohn 17.05.2018
2. Umm. Reagan single handedly destroyed the air traffic controller union which opened the door to corporations picking away at the others.
Akinotaur 19.05.2018
No...thats inaccurate. I hate what it does to people seeking truth. It lies to them.
Voodoogal 29.05.2018
see.... much better fit to what America needs.
Tygocage 01.06.2018
Yet there's no evidence or reasoning for this eternal god.
Arashibar 11.06.2018
The only baker I want to hear from is Enzo from The Godfather.
Vudolar 16.06.2018
Don't put a lack of belief on others.
Mauzil 20.06.2018
Nice to know they aren't spying on their commenters.
Doulmaran 23.06.2018
Why doesn't the bible tell us about the 'Energy that is the foundation of all creation'?
Dagor 03.07.2018
Thank you for your kind thoughts, Anna. Stay tuned for future contraversal topics. Inequality is a hot button item for me and Im ready to take it on! ???????
Kigakinos 05.07.2018
I do think social media/the internet is an integral part of the loss of impulse control, though. Gone are the days of "You're only tough when you're behind a keyboard!" and the kids that aren't really 'tough' are grabbing equalizers in the form of firearms. We're getting so used to saying exactly what's on our mind -- often without thinking about it -- that we've lost touch with basic concepts of propriety, class, respect, etc.
Mikasho 12.07.2018
Sure, the majority of people. My family is certainly in the minority in that regard. We had nothing to "follow" as we ended up being in religions different from those of our parents and grandparents. Or at least we were allowed to.
Mesho 13.07.2018
What do you call your private bits?
Ararg 23.07.2018
All of the above?
Dulmaran 28.07.2018
Talk to Bert...
Tonos 02.08.2018
Technology is no one's fault.
Kazragis 11.08.2018
the mystery begins did she or didn't she?
Sarg 15.08.2018
Sure, after you first answer mine...
Gazshura 19.08.2018
How can people that were enslaving each other before any interaction with other people appropriate the concept of slavery from people they had no contact with? Chattel slavery is a European thing.
Tygonos 29.08.2018
Satisfy those cravings.
Vik 06.09.2018
The posts show your problem with projection. Just stop and go get help.

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