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YEP some people want the fairytale and then the royal wedding happened so men are on notice LOL

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Momi 29.04.2018
I love me an egg though....
Shakakasa 05.05.2018
God supposedly has a plan. If you pray for something in that plan you didn't have to because it would have happened anyway. If you pray for something not in the plan it will never happen because it would mess with a vast eternal timeline already set in stone.
JoJozragore 09.05.2018
That joke stinks
Kajirg 15.05.2018
I have not prejudged anything. I have a lifetime of experience work with and around negroes and I also have FBI data going back to WW II regarding negro criminality. You may see them as your equal for as long as the sun chases the moon across the sky, but to me they are of humanoid construct, they are totally unproductive and when they are present something will be stolen. You can take that to the bank.....or wherever you folks store your valuables.
Vizahn 24.05.2018
In a closed system a fluctuation might be instantiated by Brownian motion, a macro-effect, or by a quantum effect such as instantiation of a virtual particle or through quantum Brownian motion.
Taushakar 31.05.2018
Tell it to the fawning liberals of both sexes (yes, there are only two) who would still drop to their knees and fellate you, Bill. You are a cad who couldn't keep your zipper up and it finally caught up with you...end of story.
Mozilkree 04.06.2018
I was asking for source proving...what did you call it? Oh yeah, an "abortion mill". Your source for this?
Meztir 12.06.2018
Find me ANY atheist on here who backs "extreme muslims". Go ahead, I'll wait.
Arashikinos 14.06.2018
We can shop elsewhere. That's the beauty of the free market.
Shaktijind 23.06.2018
What I have said still applies to the adjective.
Mem 03.07.2018
YAY!!! :) :) :) :)
Tezilkree 05.07.2018
It would still be a lack of belief.
Tygogore 10.07.2018
Obviously I am not naked, lol
Fegore 20.07.2018
Just don't allow a lack of, or abundance of media savvy to be a factor.
Gobei 25.07.2018
Reminds me of the 2015 federal election. Only way the fop got elected was a protest against Harper. As you say...sad.
Zulule 29.07.2018
LOL... and even before the deal is made, neither will NK.
Kazrazahn 03.08.2018
Ignorance is bliss, and weak. Go through life blind but don't be surprised and whine when what you ignore hits you hard.
Gakasa 08.08.2018
ha! it does almost fit the meter
Aragor 17.08.2018
you forgot the "ba-dumm-..."
Volar 18.08.2018
jamaica or somalia?
Torn 21.08.2018
Wise? Maybe... All knowing?
Shazuru 22.08.2018
scientist are aware of volcanoes,
Yole 01.09.2018
" Because unto the unsaved the cross is like one big joke."
Meztitaur 10.09.2018
The word says to simply be still. I agree with that.
Vular 11.09.2018
People like that do not worship God. They more or less worship themselves and their own ambition.
Donos 19.09.2018
It's just, why won't you engage with Kenny? I think he's asked a valid question and that's kinda the whole purpose of the forums... To share, debate, discuss, dialogue.
Fegal 29.09.2018
So you love evolution, but you hate evolution. Make up your mind.
Faelkree 08.10.2018
The opposition is all summed up by Paul at the end of 1 Corinthians;
Shaktijind 13.10.2018
Bodyguards are reliable? If you are greedy, aren't they also greedy?
Goltitilar 15.10.2018
How about a man who was raped by a farm hand for eight years then turns around several years later and forgives him. His name is Josh McDowell he has an interesting story check it out someday.
Talar 17.10.2018
? breakfast ?

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