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So far, no big news to report… not sure we’ll be doing the films at farragut program this year or the cinema on the canal either; but we’ll try and have a great downtown festival regardless… here are a few photos from our original theatre located in Georgetown…

ABOVE This is our original stage set with our small screen from 2001, our first year. The stage was built by KADCON and the chairs were supplied by one of the really cool house goods stores in Georgetown. We spent three days clearing the space out, sweeping out the building and turning it into a remarkable film and event space.


ABOVE This is a shot from the stage looking into the audience during a film break between film blocks in 2002; the media control booth is in the center, in the far back with the blue LCD lights of the decks and monitors visible… the projector is above, in the foreground just above the couple in the front row… this was a magical experience and the entire theatre was filled to capacity EVERY SHOW for three days… remarkable.



ABOVELooking into the theatre from the front door, just past the ticket and promo table… this is opening night 2003 and Hurricane Isabel is raging outside with 50 mph winds and sheets of rain and debris… they closed the roads, closed Georgetown and essentially shut the city down but we were all set to open up and show films and get the festival off to a great start… although we were the only ones there we showed films all night until 4am…

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