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Funny how one of the biggest groups supporting Doug is those making $250k/year and over. Doug did say he's for the people, he just didnt specify which people.

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Zulull 13.03.2018
Yes: it was a childish, terrible solution. That's why he promised to change his behaviour in that covenant (although he still wraps up the presentation in this really weird "And murder is wrong, so none of you do it or I'll have to kill you!" Yeah... because that's what you need to hear from your murderous all powerful deity as you leave the big boat of poop.)
JoJolar 22.03.2018
Your wife is a selfish bitch. Give her the divorce, go live your life and be happy.
Mamuro 27.03.2018
Easy- default to logic and reason. That which is true, can be shown to be true. If you cant show something is true then you don't know it is. That doesn't mean it isn't true- just simply not worthy of any confidence until sufficient evidence is given.
Yozshusar 07.04.2018
Libs would rather look the other way and pretend that all is well when indeed it is not.
Kajisar 11.04.2018
Or as the article itself says:
Malajora 19.04.2018
Say hi to brother Ned for me M'kay?
Mokus 26.04.2018
Um, first off, this isn't a research - where is the data on which kind of criminals they worked with? Which kinds of criminals were repeat offenders?
Groshura 04.05.2018
Your posts make no sense.
Gardahn 13.05.2018
While I "get it"?
Nill 22.05.2018
In fact I pretty much have the same level of distaste for everyone. People suck universally.
Gosho 29.05.2018
That was the hard part? ;)
Meziramar 02.06.2018
Truth may be personal opinion, but that doesn't mean there's many correct answers. There's only one.
Goltibar 11.06.2018
Don?t know anyone who wouldn?t choose the baby
Gusar 20.06.2018
Yep you're out troll.
Nim 28.06.2018
Speaking of "critical thinking",... "I know you are, but what am I", does not normally cut it.
Kajirisar 08.07.2018
So muslimm aeithiest, agnostic all favor the decline in Christianity, because they are driven by resentment disdain and hate, why no mention of the Jewish? Is the decline in Christianty because of the beheadings, beatings, burnings, break ins, and the threat of violent crimes against them ? (true Christian wouldn't allow those things to happen)
Goltirr 19.07.2018
I asked, but TFCC has so far not given a single concrete example of how this relates to the Religion channel. The only claim is that it somehow establishes authenticity for "settlement sites", although I'm not sure how a 20 year correction in the time range changes anything.
Mauzuru 27.07.2018
No, they were terrible people by virtue of wealth and greed and excess. I dunno, if we all suffered affluenza, maybe. ??
Mazuramar 28.07.2018
The point is that you study them, don't preach them. Understand how and why the religion started, understand why people choose to follow them and why people don't. Understanding creates tolerance, and an educated approach to religion means less chance of being brain-washed. If someone then wants to follow one, I'd say more power to them.
Mezitilar 29.07.2018
Doesn?treally matter for this discussion. It?s about how YOU answer the question, does truth exist even if no one believes it.
Shakagal 08.08.2018
P.S. Perhaps I don't really understand the definition of "strawman", or we have different definitions. What about my post is a strawman? How does it differ from the position of most Christian churches?
Nikosar 16.08.2018
The "advocates" incessantly and obsessively refer to race, because they think it will work. They imagine it will intimidate people and silence them. But people have finally learned to see through that ploy and actually are fed up with it.
Shakalrajas 16.08.2018
Soy boy Trudeau
Kajilabar 20.08.2018
"believing in [the] first place in imaginary things" - Yep, that's so "open minded."
Voktilar 24.08.2018
No, the text is not all we have to go by. We also have the
Mezizragore 02.09.2018
"Congress has a duty to use the money it collects for common welfare - including, yes, helping out the industries it considers good for common welfare."
Goltilkis 08.09.2018
Umm, many are still worshipped. But as to why his nasme is know, the church tended to murder folks that did not convert.
Doukree 11.09.2018
They only keep us around because we entertain them and open the cat food cans for them
Tomi 16.09.2018
14 hours... What dosage? heh....
Nikojar 22.09.2018
Yes, you absolutely are entering into a contract in all these instances, from an economics standpoint. It's not a written contract, but it's a contract. A verbal contract, an implied contract, a boilerplate contract like copyright - it's all contract.
Kazigal 01.10.2018
Eurocide Law must all be rolled back across the Western World.
Mezigul 03.10.2018
I think so.
Mazahn 11.10.2018
Yes, I do tend to cling to facts and direct quotes.

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