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Black hairy man big foot

Suprise....... Lets make a compromise!!!

As he climbed into the airlock, as she took off he thanked god Anderson had delayed as long as possible. Wife:I really don't have a fantasy but I always get excited when thinking about a strange man.

Suprise....... Lets make a compromise!!!

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Lol, I mean regardless of if this was the correct charge or not, what this dude did was despicable.

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Black hairy man big foot
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Kak 14.05.2018
It exists in western civilization to varying degree for the last 200 years or so.
Dairamar 21.05.2018
The bigher question is can a home ec teacher refuse to teach gay students how to bake a cake, if they know it's for a wedding?
Grolrajas 30.05.2018
So? They died for their belief.
Mishicage 02.06.2018
Irrelevant. However, the daughters of Lot did begin nations that became enemies of Israel. No, I do not take the word of unbelievers to be true in regard to the Bible. Unbelievers cannot have a correct understanding of the Bible.
Zumuro 02.06.2018
No, in this OP, 0 means certain a creator doesn't exist. 50 no certainty either way.
Gule 04.06.2018
nah, just look in the mirror, and reflect on our life, and do this every day for a minute or two, and you will discover it's you that has been immoral, is currently immoral, and will continue to be immoral.
Faegis 07.06.2018
From the time women starting to speak, yeah it too some time but in this case there hasn't been something official.
Tygodal 15.06.2018
Science uses metaphors to describe and explain things that are tested and verified.
Vudozilkree 21.06.2018
You are being intellectually dishonest, or you simply do not understand the nature of what you're claiming. There are not "9+" eyewitness accounts, hostile or friendly, that corroborate the Biblical accounts.
Arajind 30.06.2018
Then you are a determinist and do not believe in free will. Do you understand why - if your assertion is correct - it means that we have no free will?
Vudonris 09.07.2018
It depends. some would call abortion murder and thus the number could be very high. some would call eating meat murder and thus all groups would likely be implicated.
Shaktitaxe 13.07.2018
It's good to hear you say that; I agree. Far too often, I think that many of the atrocities attributed to God (and even some of the so-called "words" of God) were actually the words and actions of very, very fallible men... struggling to figure it all out and find their way closer to a relationship with God.
Kak 22.07.2018
I don't care whether you are convinced or not. It isn't my job to convince anyone, only to present the evidence and let others make their own determination. My post wasn't all about you.
Ararisar 27.07.2018
It gets less special.
JoJor 05.08.2018
1. Nope. Not a mark. Oh but it would be different if it says ?slvt? or something along those lines. Then yes, maybe.
Nalkree 13.08.2018
Only in a set area. That was one of the goals of the later crusades, to stomp out those outside the controlled area. I simply do not see the church ever growing to anything as it is now without the empire. They were just another religion, nothing special. It was though the power of the empire they spread and forced converted.
Shakasida 19.08.2018
And we also meet the Living God in the Bible. That is why "inspired" is so important. Without that totally wrong conclusions are drawn.
Jushakar 24.08.2018
I cringed a bit too.
Didal 03.09.2018
I think that the parameters you are using to define "religion" are false. Especially the broad range of eastern religions, as I understand them, have a very different view than you've laid out in your three statements:
Dijora 08.09.2018
The free practice of Religion shall not be infringed upon...
Sabei 10.09.2018
Unfortunately, or fortunately, the country does not work that way, and has not since pretty early on. Laws regulating what businesses can do predate the founding of our country, and remained in effect afterwards.
Mirg 12.09.2018
Further to my last post, let me add: when these changes do, eventually happen, note that to facilitate compatibility with the old texts one needs must create some cunning eisegesis. There are well-funded factories of eisegesis in the theologians and the doctors of divinity; their raw product is dressed by an army of apologists and served to the masses. Debate happens, generations pass, and the story that is "how Christians see the Bible" changes glacially. Also, note, this observation is DIRECT evidence that there is no magic goodness coming FROM the texts but, rather, lies (beautifully crafted, elegant, superficially plausible lies that relators do not recognise as lies) being fed into sanitizing the nonsensical bullshit that, at very best, represents the pinnacle of Bronze Age philosophy. And, not to put too fine a point on it, when one takes a step back and observes the process over time, who in their right mind would tolerate the "this is what I THINK God meant to say" bullshit that has been going on for centuries, nay, millennia?
Gulkree 17.09.2018
Clearly, I know nothing! LOL! Of course! Tickle an atheist, and they default to how stupid you must be! Meanwhile, the "facts" they think they're providing are as shallow as a puddle.
Dozshura 23.09.2018
Well thanks anyways, Jesse
Akirg 29.09.2018
I vote for myself. I only toss undesirables into the people-grinders on thursdays.
Voodoobar 08.10.2018
False.That is why they are buybull scholars and NOT Bible Scholars.
Daikora 08.10.2018
What does evolution have to do with how life occurred?
Yogal 19.10.2018
The Gospels were not written before the Epistles, and they were not written by the Apostles of Jesus. Your dogmatic blinders will not allow you to accept modern biblical scholarship.
Kitilar 25.10.2018 can that be...
Shakakazahn 27.10.2018
Yes I see your reasoning, I always do :) Hugs
Dakinos 05.11.2018
Hot as BAWLZ!
Kagagar 06.11.2018
Personal anecdotes are not evidence. You are a typical believer not able to produce any real evidence and claiming that I know what it is. I have heard from so many of you and you are all full of air.

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