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cant stop cumming on his face

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The law was that only men could marry women and vice verse.

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Mokus 15.04.2018
As compared to the sewage that comes from CNN and others, I feel safe knowing that I'm not the one that wrote the piece and that you would know had you followed and read it.
Doulabar 17.04.2018
I think you were polite. I'm not faulting you for that, just curious to hear the supporting reasons for your conclusion.
Bajinn 20.04.2018
President Pence? Oh my gosh I want whatever it is you are smoking
Arar 21.04.2018
If something don't work at all around here, it's your brain.
Kajas 24.04.2018
Or any atrocities period.
Mooguzilkree 30.04.2018
If there is any doubt just how evil the Liberals are remember they support the killing of the most defenseless among us.
JoJor 08.05.2018
Christianity doesn't need to create strawman arguments because atheism base their beliefs that everything came into exists out of nothing. One can't be more stupid that than that.
Tojakinos 14.05.2018
"Well OK, as a matter of fact science does not understand "life", or its origin, "
Moll 18.05.2018
I would never say that black women do not have it bad in the US. But black males have been racially profiled by police in ways that no other "group" has been. NYC's Stop and Frisk targeted black males almost exclusively. Our prisons are filled with nonviolent drug offenders (primarily black). What does that tell young black men?
Fehn 21.05.2018
Got me on the first one. I should have said "appears to think" as that is what they do. You're full of shit on the second.
Branos 23.05.2018
You'd be surprised how much health insurance costs when you pay for it yourself (no subsidies, no employer benefits). It's not realistic to think people living paycheck to paycheck are going to pay hundreds of dollars a month for something that doesn't pay their rent or put food on the table.
Shagrel 31.05.2018
....and the tiny balls. The ball to penis ratio is a bit off.
Faunris 04.06.2018
Really? Never a happy American princess before?
Kagalrajas 04.06.2018
Hahahahaha yeah but how many were Christian before they went in?
Kazshura 07.06.2018
The truth is never offensive. Wanting to avoid accurate history is offensive.
Doujas 13.06.2018
Atheism: disbelief or lack of belief in the existence of God or gods.
Kagor 17.06.2018
Again, you ignore reality to live in your own self invented fantasy.
Grozahn 18.06.2018
They most likely blew up their facility
Daigore 25.06.2018
They just don't like having a silly sounding name. Guam. Sounds like it should describe a bodily secretion caused by bacteria
Kigazragore 26.06.2018
Yet, the white nationalist packed right wing will welcome the jews? LOL

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