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Damn, when I read Blitzer was on suicide watch it really got my hopes up.

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Hot man mature service
Hot man mature service
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Kajibar 28.02.2018
?Liberalism Will Eat Itself?? A statement that was funny enough to them, for sure... but that?s only because they didn?t realize what a prophecy it would be. When your main focus is on your feelings and screaming at the sky, you?re going to end up cutting corners here and there, because HEY? you?re inherently lazy in the first place, and your agenda is based upon the idea that you shouldn?t have to work hard in an attempt to be successful due to the fact that others already HAVE been successful, and you should be afforded a slice of THEIR pie for nothing. Funny how things work out though, huh?
Naramar 04.03.2018
We are in heaven now, but all the cultists are ruining it for rational people trying to enjoy their one and only very very short life.
Tesho 14.03.2018
Read what I wrote.
Nijar 15.03.2018
Your pathetic denial of the obvious fact that your god is the worst mass murderer in all fiction fails to impress and is not refutation of that self evident fact.
Samuzuru 18.03.2018
I LOVE that!
Sajas 21.03.2018
... And so the literalists decided child sacrifice was totally justified by the New Testament! If God didn't want us attempting to ritually slaughter our children, he'd send more rams as alternatives!
Voodoorn 24.03.2018 careful your strawman doesn't get too close to any open flames, John...
Kitaxe 27.03.2018
Like believers, atheists try to make the best lives for themselves that they can. And, like believers, they understand that a cooperative society is the best way to achieve that goal. Humans have been around long enough to realize that "every man for himself" doesn't allow for one worker to mine the ore, another to smelt the steel, another to make the saw, and another to cut the wood. If a single element of that chain is untrustworthy, then the society breaks down and houses are a lot harder to come by, and aren't anywhere near as comfortable.
Viktilar 05.04.2018
Jesus the Christ is known as the son of Man. Thus, we are all son's of the living Universal God. Tis true, however, that the Jesus story can be found in antiquity throughout the world in various cultures.
Dotaxe 07.04.2018
I am afraid you are wrong as far as the GTA is concerned. That is where most of the seats are. BTW it is not racist but true. I voted today and was in the minority as a white man.I am sure that is the same in most ridings IN THE GTA
Doll 10.04.2018
No, God is too smart to do that.
Zululmaran 16.04.2018
If you notice, they do this to everyone that is in their way anywhere in the world including (and mainly) other Muslims of another sect. So therefore you never befriend or deal with a Muslim? Don't let ANY Muslim into the country? Sorry, I don't go there.
Tesar 21.04.2018
Christian Church and philosophy do not match! Read the three tome work of Karlheiz Genscher "The criminal history of Christianity". The Church destroyed any monument, school and book related to the ancient philosophy, although the clergymen copied everything from Hermetic and Neoplatinic philosophy. Read Apollonius of Tyana's Theo-philosophy and compare it with the New Testament. The only reason the first wasn't translated into English until the 19th century it was due to the astonishing similarities (almost identical) with the NT! Guess who copied whom!
Kem 23.04.2018
"You are very much saying that everything that has already happened has or had (doesn't make sense either way) a 100% of occurring."
Gulrajas 26.04.2018
Not as that city. Lots of areas were inhabited, then abandoned for libg peroids if time. It is known the area was used as a necropolis by nearby towns.
Arashizahn 02.05.2018
You said Mosaic law didn't apply! Make up your mind!
Yozshujar 03.05.2018
that was never really a thing. Check the record.
Vudor 10.05.2018
It's an OpEd.

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