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Ah, the myth of evolutionary processes in this senseless and uncaring universe. Humans never can get away from a bit of wooo, even when they try to dress it up as intellectualism.

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America bikini ms
America bikini ms
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Mikamuro 14.05.2018
What did you think of chick from Fox speaking in Germany for the state department.
Malam 16.05.2018
having faith in God is not a relationship. It?s just believing things about the word god.
Yozshudal 23.05.2018
That she would be a story on the web.
Arashakar 29.05.2018
I think you're missing the point.
Tujinn 06.06.2018
"You mean a "wrong" translation from Carl Ernst, Kenan Distinguished Professor of Islamic Studies at University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, Director of the Carolina Center for the Study of the Middle East and Muslim Civilizations. How do your qualifications in Arabic stack up with Dr. Ernst?s"
Migul 06.06.2018
Clearly you are unfamiliar with the Song of Songs.
Kasho 14.06.2018
There is now.
Shagrel 18.06.2018
So, only "conservatives" who happen to be either Evangelical or White Catholics?
Shajar 25.06.2018
Preaching. Great response.
Natilar 25.06.2018
I know what 'some historians' say.
Yozshujinn 30.06.2018
No. A black guy walking down the street living his life isn't doing anything to deliberately make anyone feel uncomfortable.
Sadal 07.07.2018
Keeping the peace is overrated!
Grozragore 14.07.2018
Just because you regress back to your childhood behavior of calling people names, doesn't make you correct. You lost all hope of being taken seriously by complying to childhood conduct. Is it not arrogance that this is exactly what this man had done when asked to comply and take a seat?
Sam 16.07.2018
I?m organizing a patriot prayer rally.
Kagakora 25.07.2018
What are you talking about--or do you have any idea?
Gardagami 29.07.2018
Do you have your medical records showing me a priest healed your cancer? Leave the hyperbole at the door, honey. People cure people using medical science.
Akijar 06.08.2018
When I read the tittle I thought the discussion would be about the Kingdom and what it is about to do. "Let your Kingdom come"
Zulkis 10.08.2018
Ugh...really? What did the email say?
Zutaxe 13.08.2018
Clinton really stepped in it during this interview in the age of #MeToo and he just continued digging himself deeper in trying to justify himself, even going as far as playing victim.
Tauktilar 17.08.2018
Yuuuge MAGA winning bigly!!!
Kijar 20.08.2018
Anybody that claims a God is outside of detection has defeated there own claim. I think that is my favorite argument.
Voodoojar 28.08.2018
Is it straw man week and I just didn't get the memo?
Tugor 30.08.2018
My grandson/wingman is 2, I can relate.
Gom 04.09.2018
It's the DG effect.
Kigakinos 04.09.2018
You fucking clown. Do you have a brain of,your own or are you just a slave to what trump tells you?
Gagor 12.09.2018
The way not to do that Doc is to blow up the agreements in place and levy tariffs whilst alienating your closest allies and trading partners all over the world...China, the EU, Canada, Mexico...
Fet 18.09.2018
The Old Testament is still the word of God isn't it?
Zolonris 23.09.2018
I thought bearing false witness was a sin? Why do you continue to sin over and over again?
Vudal 01.10.2018
A perversion of what....things?
Dugis 05.10.2018
Ive never denied the evils of religion, including mine.
Mezilkree 14.10.2018
These old players suck, showing their biases
Tygogami 15.10.2018
I don't have any problem with homosexuals in a personal manner. My friend recently decided to do it.
Salkree 21.10.2018
Tell us about the Chinese, Indians and the whole Continent of Africa! You are so incredibly stupid!
Kashicage 25.10.2018
WRONG! China is the world leader in steel exports....
Mikami 31.10.2018
"God does call us to worship Him, but obviously not for His own sake, since we cannot add anything to His completeness. He is lacking nothing."

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