Previous Year Submission Form

Here are the 2005 submission forms… please fill them out completely. C’mon, it isn’t too difficult, and if you can make a movie you should be able to fill out a form. AND PRINT YOUR NAME AND ADDRESS CLEARLY. Remember – VHS for screeners, please. Use the same form for both Georgetown and Adams Morgan. At this time we will review all films at the festival office but then show them in different venues – Adams Morgan will be more experimental, more animation focused, and Georgetown wil be more narrative and documentary focused. But that is not worked out yet and we will probably end up entirely in Adams Morgan…

The only difference is that this season we are raising the submission fee to $25 for regular filmmakers like yourself and $5 for students…like yourself!

This year we are going to try and build a music festival into the program… live music for 4 days! And we are going to take music video submissions… to submit music video’s to the festival just use the same form but write music video on the front of the submission form… and a genre – rock, shoegaze, trench crawl, bubba rock, folk, whatever… and include the band bio and a CD. This is our first year doing this and it should be cool… we are also going to have a live music festival as part of the film festival… we have a music director who wiill coordinate the program and we’ll announce his/her name and contact info very shortly…

The idea is to schedule bands, all manner of mucical acts and singers, duos – all that stuff – between film breaks in a different tent… should be a ton of fun.

Please review this submissions form carefully. You can download the form in ACROBAT.pdf format, print it out, fill it in and mail it to us with your entry fee.

Our partners at the Venice International Film Festival CIRCUITO OFF would welcome your submissions and we encourage you to visit them at the above link.

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