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Amateur fusion reactor
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I?m not surprised by that either.
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Spellchecker error but funny.
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Here is what you get when you do that...
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I understand that some women enjoy it with certain partners or certain circumstances for whatever reason. The point I'm trying to make about the ethics of it is that requests for it often come without adequate consideration for the woman, and in those cases I am opposed to sodomy. When that isn't a concern, I couldn't care less about whether or not couples choose to engage in it.
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LMFAO. Sure, sure, sure. That's your story and I am sure you will stick to it. But the facts are the facts, no matter how much you want to deny it or play games with it.
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I am afraid that they are somewhere in the storage unit. My wife has it packed with an amazing amount of stuff, to the point where I am now afraid to open it.
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Don't spoil a good argument with logic...
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"Just who appointed you arbiter of Christianity?"
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What was so wicked about the firstborn sons of Egypt? What did they do that was so wicked?
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?Do these continued problems with carbon dating and radiometric dating ?keep vindicating? (my quotation marks) the religious groups like AIG and CARM who keep telling us they're wrong??
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Let's hope he, and others like him, will win future cases and embolden other people of faith to stand for their liberty.

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