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No such thing as far right in Canada. US Democrats consider us too lefty even for them. Regardless, all I?ve seen from the Liberals and NDP is regression, systematic dismantling of individual rights, either through overreaching into how people raise their kids, live their lives, and overtaxation.

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Princess cameron spank
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Jurisar 15.03.2018
I have many thoughts
Kitaxe 20.03.2018
I'm due to dump a load on your mama's face.
Milrajas 28.03.2018
Thing is, I'm not shooting my mouth off. YOU called ME over to firely or have you forgotten? Stan's channel... FFS. I did have you blocked and you left me alone so I unblocked you figuring you finally finished chasing my tires.
Mukinos 04.04.2018
"Forcing a woman to go through a pregnancy"
Dokazahn 08.04.2018
No? How about a gun manufacturer who designs guns for sport? Is he to be held responsible if someone commits a murder/suicide with the gun he designed?
Gardall 15.04.2018
I jealously/enviously think "If I thought life had no consequences... I'd be a lot more bad!"
Mazugul 17.04.2018
I never asked you to give me respect and there is the difference. I am ok with you disagreeing with me or not liking me or wanting to get away from me and everything about me. That's fine.
Arashihn 26.04.2018
The KJV, although it is my favorite version, is much maligned because of it's poor translation and the number of mistakes it contains.
Kara 30.04.2018
Thank you, and no problem. I was really getting tired of the "what ifs". There is no what ifs. PP has to report where every single dollar goes and Congress made the law very clear. PP does NOT and has NOT ever used tax payer money for abortions to low income women. Period. End of story. The facts are there, if someone chooses to ignore it, that is on them. But they will not continue spreading that falsehood here.
Kazrashicage 02.05.2018
Does the word of God tell you that? I mean to you, doesn't the Bible supersede science?

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