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I think Einstein was a very misunderstood man, myself; especially when it came to his religious views. So he finally gave up and messed with the press, knowing they had not a snowball's chance of understanding what he was saying. I'd have probably done the same myself.

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Dogs having sex with teen girls Babes
Dogs having sex with teen girls Babes
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Muzil 26.02.2018
Logically there is no evidence for god nor evidence against.I have faith, but lets see, maybe I am wrong. Or maybe not. Life can be hard and faith has helped many and maybe more than helped. Who knows logically or intellectually anyway.
Gakasa 02.03.2018
Your getting closer, and I don't want to sound condescending. We only KNOW our universe's origins back 14b years. There is no evidence of a creator. The best evidence is "we don't know". When you default to creator you fall down the circular rabbit hole of who created the creator.
JoJojas 08.03.2018
exactly how Islamophobic are you? Have you ever met a Muslim?
Shaktigor 10.03.2018
That's what the tiger likes. Adam's a metrosexual.
Mishakar 19.03.2018
Because I've tagged in comment to you several times and I don't even get a reply. I miss you and I don't know why you left. I don't even know what happened I just woke up one morning and I didn't have anybody to say "good morning beautiful" too, or share Cayenne bacon
Kezragore 26.03.2018
So then I guess you would want females that miscarry to go away for manslaughter as well.
Vigor 29.03.2018
How many people have been burned by not having an outline of the entire purchase? The breakdown of what costs what? I have. That's why I when I'm spending money on say, mechanical repairs on my truck, I want a full breakdown of the charges on my estimateam before they do the work so they don't think they have a blank check to work with. Now I'll be aware of photographers as well.
Daijas 03.04.2018
Please. Don't use that bullshit about Einstein to propagate your religious insanity. He never admitted he was wrong about religion. And what he considered his greatest blunder basically obliterated religion and redefined physics all over again. What he did do is what most great scientists up until about the 1990's did. They endeared themselves slightly to religion so that regardless of what occurs their work will endure because religious zealots won't dismiss their work as godlessness. Newton, Da Vinci, and many, many others did exactly the same.
Akinoktilar 07.04.2018
One could say your original comment was passive aggressive.
Kazrasho 12.04.2018
Armenian Girl is an ENFP...
Tauzragore 13.04.2018
Yep, that is what that book says. You like a book, that's great. Do you have any idea who authored it and what their intent might have been? Do you have any knowledge about the history of the compilation of what you refer to as "The Bible"? The mortal men who wrote and decided which bits were allowed in and which bits were not allowed in all based on the narrative they wanted to push? Have you ever thought about "WHY", or do you simply accept what you have been told by others?
Samushura 18.04.2018
Oh, the humanities!
Shataur 25.04.2018
Or in other words...
Jushicage 05.05.2018
Grasping at straws
Moktilar 09.05.2018
I am not against a safety net, I am against handing free loaders taxpayer money!
Samugis 10.05.2018
There are a fair number of bad arguments I repeatedly encounter from atheists.
Takree 12.05.2018
No I can you don't care.
Kagagul 20.05.2018
Finland uses an educational system developed in the U.S.. It'd be nice if the U.S. adopted it, but still...
Kaganos 28.05.2018
1) I think that people do not see that prayer is useless, because it is not useless to them.

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