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Dose losing ur virginity hurt?

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And while you're at it, quote what I said that was a bigoted attack on someone.

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Dose losing ur virginity hurt?
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Gokora 27.02.2018
Hmm so this is totally like him LOL
Nikojora 07.03.2018
It took us 8 years to get negroes out of the whit House and they left a complete mess , as was to be expected. Why would we ever willingly let them back in there?
Zulugal 16.03.2018
Sure, so what is currently wrong with the American economy?
Tezilkree 20.03.2018
Possibly... I don't see Trump as much of anything religiously speaking - he's probably playing chameleon in order to match his own colors to those of potential supporters...
Malarisar 23.03.2018
CP. Yes I agree , but it was thise Jesus blessed.
Nikoll 01.04.2018
Well, I say that the problem is obvious and can be seen even in the foundational texts themselves.
Fenrizuru 02.04.2018
Donnie does not like the wold prep because it reminds him of Preposition H. Back to KJ un. I see a Trump Tower rising up just North of SuWon across the 38th parallel. That will be their first discussion point.
Kirg 06.04.2018
It is more for historians than lay people. It does reveal what any historian considers cultural and what is peculiar to any given culture and argue what would change and at least what broad outlines remain in place.
Zolobar 11.04.2018
I take pity that your life lacks so much you take joy in the pain of others.
Nanris 13.04.2018
Read the other FACTS I just posted to you! Comparison to the paradise across the ocean!
Voodoorisar 14.04.2018
Beyond the obvious irony of extolling religious freedom even while explicitly denying it to Muslims, the OP displays little knowledge of or interest in what its subject actually

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