Film Log For the Festival

The Official 2005 Film Log
Executive Director of Programming: Jeannette Catsoulis
Director of Programming: Tad Doyle
Assistant Director of Programming: OPEN
Technical Director: Eric “The Dude” Stillions
Assistant Official Film Logger: Steve “Big Reel” Duggan
2005 Festival Dude and Official Film Logger: OPEN
This log is only a confirmation of films received. It is here merely to let our filmmakers know that we have received the work. This is not a list of films in competition. If you are selected for screening at the Georgetown Film Festival2005/Adams Morgan Film Festival 2005 you will receive a request for a BETA SP of the film being requested. This is not a complete list. The deadline is between August 15th – September 15, 2005. We are still looking for a location, and WE WILL FIND ONE. Thanks for your patience and your understanding.
title RT genre feat/short
1 bad man give me 00:01:22 animation short
6 bad boingos 00:34:17 narrative/UK short
9:30 F Street 1:27:00 documentary feature
10 days on the edge 00:00:56 animation short
12 Stories about Eileen 00:21:00 narrative short
A Bloody Mess 01:12:00 narrative feature
A Few Good Dykes 00:50:00 documentary feature
Above and Beyone 00:39;55 documentary short
Adams Morgan & Childhood Friends 00:00:00 interactive feature
Adios papitas fritas 00:13:57 something short
African Expedisound 00:52:00 documentary feature
Angel of Death 00:28:45 narrative short
The Afflicted 00:13:00 no description short
The Aggrevation 00:04:12 animation short
The Avenues 01:36:44 narrative feature
AXE 00:00:35 animation short
Beyond the Ocean 01:29:0 narrative feature
BLUE LINE : Destination Cristylez 00:35:00 documentary short
boa bound for bastonge 00:10:45 narrative short
The Body 00:33:36 narrative short
Bonzi 00:20:00 narrative short
Calling All Stations 00:16:32 documentary short
CALUMNA HUMANOID 00:14:17 documentary short
Cemetery 00:07:12 narrative short
Chopping Block 01:44:45 narrative feature
Clarity 00:07:45 narrative short
CLEAN 00:04:05 narrative short
The Cross and the Crossroads 00:29:38 documentary short
DISCOVER ME 01:14:00 narrative feature
DISPOSITION 00:03:30 experimental short
DRAMATIC NARRATIVE 00:45:00 narrative feature
Dogme 25: Converging With Angles 02:38:00 narrative feature
Ethiopia Tesfay Alem 00:26:29 experimental documentary short
EVENFALL 00:30:00 NA short
FACADE 01:31:00 narrative feature
Fake, Fake, Fake! 00:20:40 narrative short
Fall 00:54:00 other feature
Field Trip 00:03:30 narrative short
fishing with tink n’ earl 00:14:39 narrative short
FLAMIN’ NA narrative short
Fleeting Freedom 00:06:13 narrative short
Flowers and Kisses 00:15:00 narrative short
Following Bliss 01:33:00 narrative feature
The Freelancer 00:08:03 experimental short
From Captive to Liberator 00:25:30 documentary short
The Fuzz 00:03:33 narrative short
Grace and the Storm 01;30;00 narrative feature
Graczk 00:02:11 animation short
Hard to Get 00:23:21 narrative short
Handshake 00:04:40 animation short
Homecoming 00:08:30 documentary
HOPE 00:20:11 narrative short
HOSPITALITY 01:17:00 narrative feature
HOTEL ST. COSMAS: Scholar’s Mate 00:09:01 animation short
HUMMUS Hotel, Nowhere 00:20:00 narrative short
In Modern Time 00:57:40 documentary feature
Jelly Pilgrim 00:04:07 animation short
Spank the Monkey II 00:00:36 animation short
Kung Fu Lee 00:03:44 animation short
Lackluster Syndrome 01:32:00 feature feature
The Leeward Tide 00:14:30 narrative short
Dung Buggy 00:18:00 narrative short
Life After June 1st 00:08:41 documentary short
Lifers 01:05:00 documentary feature
Life’s Illusions 00:19:00 some kinda short
Ligg of the Delinquent Shellfish 00:00:34 animation short
MARCO POLO 00:54:00 documentary feature
MDM 00:37:00 documentary short
The Meeting 00:07:30 narrative short
MISSION 01:35:00 narrative feature
MIYA cambodia/new york city 00:35:00 experimental short
Moving Forward 00:27:00 documentary short
The Night Trip 01:16:00 mockumentary feature
Night Love Zulu 00:00:45 animation short
Nine Men Down 00:60:00 documentary feature
Not Another Tolkien Movie 01:28:00 narrative/documentary feature
Parasomnia 00:07:00 narrative short
The Photographer 00:15:50 narrative /experimental short
Postcard from Auschwitz 00:16:06 documentary short
PROPAGANDA 00:15:00 documentary short
Thug Monkey 00:00:12 animation real short
Q & A 00:24:00 experimental/doc short
QUITTERS 00:12:00 narrative short.
Rose 00:20:04 narrative short
HA HAP HAPPY 00:06:40 animation short
The Sandbox 00:05:30 annimation short
September 12 01:17:00 narrative feature
Skillful Hands & Artistic Vision 00:27:30 documentary short
Soliloquy 00:06:02 experimental short
Something About W 00:40:00 documentary short
Something Sweet 00:04:10 music video MV
Stand Up! 00:29:00 documentary short
STATIC 00:00:00 narrative short
Steel Valley 00:20:00 narrative short
Storm in a Bottle 00:16:45 no description short
Sustenance 00:14:00 experimental short
Sut Joong 00:26:00 narrative short
SUUCAP HUFFY’S 00:23:12 narrative short
Sutter Butter 00:10:14 narrative short
Svetlana’s Stupid Sandwhich Dog 40:00:00 documentary short
Symphony 00:50:00 documentary feature
TABOO “Serious about Sex” 00:20:30 documentary short
yo yo and the bing bangs 00:02:45 animation short
The Coffee Pot Chronicles 00:37:09 narrative short
Taiwan Aborigines 01:37:00 documentary feature
Thanatos Road 00:25:12 narrative short
Thailand, Crossing the Golden Line 00:35:16 documentary short
Ties On A Fence… 00:56:00 documentary feature
TimeCam: The 11th Day 00:49:00 narrative feature
Timeless 00:15:00 short short
Toilet Blunts 00:12:11 something short
Vernissages narrative / ITALIA short
Waiting for Ronald 00:21:49 narrative short
Want some more? Huh? 00:13:05 animation short
The Way 00:04:16 music video MV
What About the Boxers 00:09:30 short short
(W)Hole 00:11:44 narrative/silent short
Zach & Avery of Fergus 01:54:00 narrative/experimental feature

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