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That was what he wanted it to be about. What the court decided to do was to respond to the specifics of this one case and the procedural problems in the Civil Rights Commission rather than address the larger question.

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Aisha takia bikini
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Kazrabei 07.03.2018
"Arsen" is the act of setting things on fire.
Zolojora 09.03.2018
I think it also important to remember that it was Mueller that screwed up the prevention of the Boston Marathon bombing. There are people missing limbs because of his incompetence.
Meztikora 18.03.2018
I can recommend it :)
Kigataxe 20.03.2018
Hanging up on someone sounds like a great idea!
Kikus 26.03.2018
I realise that, I'm pointing out that you can replace "creator" with "spiderman".
Zulutaxe 02.04.2018
Maybe they will invade & liberate the White House for us?
Tukazahn 05.04.2018
Really? LOL and who told you that?
Nizahn 08.04.2018
Just how are they doing that?
Nejin 14.04.2018
All it took was people creating a dam. That's not "a lot of manmade orchestration". It's a single event, caused by people, that fulfills a so-called prophecy. If that's what you call a biblical prophecy then I'm done here as this is a waste of my time.
Mikanos 22.04.2018
If were going to tackle the gun problem Im sorry I think experts, data, testing, studies and people who know what they are talking about should enter in discussions about what to do and how to handle it. Not children who are traumatized by a really horrible event.
Moogurn 23.04.2018
"Doug Ford won?t say if he will march in annual Pride parade"
Zurn 30.04.2018
I took next Monday off for a drs appt, then to go watch the new Deadpool movie
Nikole 08.05.2018
Nationally speaking, April 18. Check the Google.
Mugul 16.05.2018
That's an intellectually lazy premise though. You keep trying to take away all the context and define poor people by whatever wrong "choices" they've made, completely forgetting that we've all made some wrong choices that could've screwed us over. Upward mobility here is pretty bad. Instead of blaming the powerless maybe it's time to start blaming the powerful.
Fenrinris 23.05.2018
Not really. Jewish law was comparable AND it moved with the times.
Toshicage 23.05.2018
You might need to break that down a to how you see that proving it was 5 literal days.
Mezigar 26.05.2018
You just don't get it. if Adam were the first Hebrew, where and how did he learn Hebrew?
Fejora 03.06.2018
You want people to believe that the "Gospel" accounts are unreliable.
Ter 10.06.2018
Yeah, we are back where I started. make him to feel better so he doesn't feel trapped, so he doesn't seek the alliance with China. Unless you applaud trapping a bear this creating a new AXIS . This would be warmongering.
Mell 19.06.2018
As if I needed another reason to distinguish between the last President and our current one, Bourdain gave us one last gift.
Yobei 24.06.2018
I have nothing to fear but thank you for your concern. :)
Kajigis 28.06.2018
You say that you can see an invisible wind, but can look at a strand of DNA and say there is no God. You are the foolish one, IMHO.
Nekree 30.06.2018
I think the business owner is an idiot as well first of all when everybody has an iPhone and can take pictures I don?t think you should be charging that much for 10 pictures and honestly that just sounds like something somebody would charge for an entire wedding at like 10 pictures
Nataxe 06.07.2018
Says the RUDY bot.
Maran 07.07.2018
All you got is some evil belief that you will be rewarded and I will be punished.
Dirisar 13.07.2018
There isn't one about that. The model is, at best, a guess based off limited evidence. And it doesn't say anything about there being nothing.
Diran 22.07.2018
Well we don't use C14 dating on fossils. They don't contain c14.
Doukinos 01.08.2018
So your theory is that we should set the bar for human behavior really low so that nobody actually does wrong, because, well it's all good.
Meztizuru 10.08.2018
A person is blessed if they are a child of the kingdom and are running their race to transfiguration in life alive by eating and assimilating the Divine Eucharistic Revelations from GOD that deals with the mortal nature, the fallen nature, the sin nature from its root - the blood cells.
Faet 16.08.2018
Sure there is. Instead of calling me wrong, explain how the God in Genesis is the same God of 3 John.
Yozshugor 21.08.2018
I'll be happy if you just answered the question once. I'll move on if you just answer with a yes or no. You seem incapable of doing that.
Kazragis 25.08.2018
You CAN turn an ignorant misogynistic misfit into a husband..
Tygokasa 04.09.2018
Thank you, btw FR for participating in this conversation.
Kegore 06.09.2018
Yea, but once it starts getting too political, it becomes just like all the rest of the channels. You?ll have very strong opinions (which is totally cool) stated in a very aggressive attack mode (which is not cool). If people are looking to state something like ?I?m so sick of all these cops....? or ?people who don?t like Hilary (or more taxes, open borders, etc., are ignorant racist bigots...?, or ?people who don?t like trump are unamerican and want hand-outs?, then let them use one of the gazzilion other channels looking for that stuff. It seems we?ve forgotten there was actually a world where we all had friends with different values or opinions, but it didn?t matter. We got along and still managed to enjoy each other?s company. We disagreed and still managed not to call each other names. And, the only time we ever had to hear ?...but, he/she did it first!? was when it was coming out of our child?s mouth, as we would scold them that it didn?t matter. Love stinks has been a nice break from all that crap. And, the political stuff to this point has always presented as an opportunity to really listen to why people I enjoy think the way they do, and to learn something. We haven?t had to get hard core bulldog with each other. So, just my two cents, but I?d hate to see that happen.
Julkis 11.09.2018
No, but a law she doesn't understand in a place she doesn't live makes someone who isn't her refer to a trans person by their desired pronouns. This is her hobbyhorse and she's gonna ride that mother every week until we all stop giving in and debating it with her.

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