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Look you may not like Trump as a person, but he was before Gay marriage well before most of America was... and I love how "The Left" tried to say he was anti-Jewish when he has Jewish grandchildren.

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Zolozahn 27.02.2018
well consider the fact many with a "mental illness" are considered "less than" by normal people, and are often bullied and harassed, it's easy to see why they'd both shy away from social activities, and because of that be the target of abuse from so call normal intelligent people who have "empathy".
Guktilar 05.03.2018
First off, man is not divine; only the one and only true and living God is, and His dear Son, The Lord Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit are divine. For you to say that ?magic is not a sin? after I have clearly quoted the Word of God telling you so, your dispute is with Him. When you are someday confronted with the reality of your ignorance of Him, I hope you still have time to repent of your sin.
Mokazahn 12.03.2018
As much as it makes my invisible seven-toed sloth less real than a pebble. Now, spare us your garbage.
Nelmaran 15.03.2018
Yeah, I haven?t gotten off track. You implied that a two decade discrepancy in carbon dating somehow gives credence to Christian creationism. Not atypical of your usual M.O.
Arakazahn 24.03.2018
Dawkins has gotten filthy rich by scamming the miserable and broken.
Mazragore 26.03.2018
True. Just in my opinion, there should be some restrictions of getting a gun. It shouldn't be as easy as now
Kigarr 31.03.2018
That is an outright lie from the deceiver Satan. The passage explicitly states that the OWNER PERMITTED them to take the donkey.
Dushicage 03.04.2018
That's very fair.
Kakasa 13.04.2018
the more law abiding citizens legally carry and practice defending themselves the fewer murderous crimes society would have endure. it sounds as though you are one those guys who prefers only criminals and law enforcement should have firearms. Wake up from your delusional dream. Utopia doesn't exist and never will because of criminals and liberal treatment of these violent offenders.
Kigahn 22.04.2018
Are you really qualified to have an opinion on the activities of Jesus?
Vuzshura 26.04.2018
This sounds very interesting, but too busy today to participate.
Nalmaran 06.05.2018
It is however always fun asking one kind of theist to disprove other gods. :-) If they can't by their logic then all must exists. :-)
Negal 14.05.2018
"Homophobia doesn't exist." Denial of guilt by the guilty on his "Jeezus Jihad." Thanks for sharing. You make the best case against yourself.
Daitaur 24.05.2018
Im a Christian. I agree with traditional marriage.
Zur 02.06.2018
So you need a God to believe in evolution?
Ferr 06.06.2018
The ancestors of all civilizations had them all, mine included (Italian). No kingdom of man is exempt from corruption.
Nijas 07.06.2018
I didn't "choose"! And neither did YOU.
Akigami 12.06.2018
Oh, to the contrary, the mere fact that you deny such, remains your lacking, not mine.
Sham 16.06.2018
Don?t be disingenuous.
Nehn 19.06.2018
There's no proof Flynn lied. There's plenty of proof Wolfe did. Flynn was railroaded and will be exonerated, you'll see.

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