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Naked wifes and girlfriends of footballers

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Even with your condemnation of me I appreciate that comment. Tell me, what do you think of religion as?

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Naked wifes and girlfriends of footballers
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Mezizahn 04.03.2018
you are preggers again?
Togrel 04.03.2018
She'll run straight back to your heart every time. :)
Kigore 08.03.2018
I can't stand trophy hunting. It's disgusting. Killing an animal in self-defense or for food is one thing. Something tells me he had no intention of eating elephant for supper...
Malazragore 16.03.2018
doesn't seem like it was doubly joyous at all....
Tuzshura 20.03.2018
So you are just trying to force your moral judgements about how you think people should behave on others .. That is the very opposite of supporting freedom and liberty isn't it ?
Gazragore 30.03.2018
Religious speakers can come in, jewish speakers, muslims, gays, sex education etc....all could be allowed to speak at a school in an assembly.
Zoloran 01.04.2018
Tell me... what is the definition of ?formless and void??
Vojora 11.04.2018
> I would submit that an absence of evidence is generally, evidence of absence.
Zulkilrajas 16.04.2018
She?s funny... & clever.
Mazurisar 18.04.2018
And stubbornness and ego.
Yomi 24.04.2018
Oh, yes...And I can prove it.
Zurn 04.05.2018
Read your own freaking posts, hypocrite.
Yozil 11.05.2018
It's sad that this even has to be said. That should be inherent in parenthood.
Yozshule 18.05.2018
I see a problem right off the bat. You are using an old word and giving it several different meanings. How can you argue a point if you can't even get a single definition?
Nemi 23.05.2018
While science doesn't disprove all god concepts, it has disproven a few, such as the YEC version of Yahweh. Versions where man was crafted in clay, etc.
Gozil 01.06.2018
Well that is good.
Tygojora 05.06.2018
If you were born in the middle east, you would be just as fervently Muslim then as you are now fervently Christian. You wouldn't dream of changing your beliefs just as you don't dream of changing your beliefs now.
Najin 11.06.2018
I got mugged in the break room AGAIN!!!!
Juzahn 15.06.2018
How many times does it have to be said? The Theory of Evolution is a scientific theory, supported by a mountain of evidence. Atheism is a disbelief in gods because there is no evidence for such a thing.
Dihn 16.06.2018
Ok, if it's just a modicum, then go ahead and post the model # of your keyboard and then find out who designed it.
Gardasho 17.06.2018
It's childish that we don't want to sully our historic parliament with the ramblings of an uneducated bigot who can't complete a single thought?
Akinot 23.06.2018
What link do you think I owe you?
Gardalar 24.06.2018
You are going to fire up a dormant smelter after 25 years at a cost of what? More than the cost of the tariffs is what. $Billions and months or years to get a smelter up and running.
Tojam 28.06.2018
Mary's mother was 'immaculately shagged.' Mary was Divinely Shagged. The Holy Spirit came upon her. . .and apparently inside. . .too.
Vikasa 02.07.2018
And also since at times we want our decisions to have deleterious effects on others.
Gurg 12.07.2018
A giraffe, because my neck could help me reach every part of your body.
Akijora 19.07.2018
I've found that if one actually studies the bible critically the less one is inclined to accept the god presented therein is worthy of worship.
Mezimi 22.07.2018
The universe is full of many things that is yet very far away from the reach of human mind until and unless we are not ready for change at any given time we might miss those things,so yes I am an open minded person and willing to change my thought any time if it's the better and logical way than the previous one which I had know
Megore 30.07.2018
I think some people in Texas in the US have actually proposed the same thing.
Arashigul 30.07.2018
You getta half decent job yet?
Zuluran 08.08.2018
I'd rather they not be bigots.
Zusho 12.08.2018
The only reason we know that the carbon dating science may be wrong, or a little inaccurate, is only because of carbon dating science. No reason to slip old jesus in there just yet.

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