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MMD CakeFace 2B

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Never claimed he was, But by definition he is .

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Amateur party sex teen
Amateur party sex teen
Amateur party sex teen
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So how about actually addressing the OP?
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right but it opens the door to question what was said.
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Agreed. He couldn?t take down obama.
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Caroline Mulroney was my choice because of her education and financial knowledge but I have a feeling that if Doug wins she will be the Finance Minister and she will be a good one.
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Whether behaving decently is what you consider you owe to other people is a matter of your moral standards. The latter do not seem to constrain you. Thanks for admitting it.
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Good parents can have all the kids they want. Its the ones who harm kids, are not capable of taking care of them, who are crap parents I want to stop spawning.
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Who knows may be she was also sleeping with someone else. I just hope that things work out for you and you find contentment and happiness
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Thank you for the link. A very interesting article but nothing new in it for me. She argues about little details, not about major issues.
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Design life from scratch then. You don't get to start with existing life, since it sucks so much. Let us know what your genius comes up with that's better. Be specific. :)
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At least you acknowledge that you are a disappointment for a man or women of this century.

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