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Moses never existed. Isrealites worshiped Phoenician gods at the beginning. They were a tribe of the Canaanites.

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Vod bisexual adventures free trailerss
Vod bisexual adventures free trailerss
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Mezitaxe 26.02.2018
Sure, I wasn't meaning to imply otherwise. I'm not sure if Phinehas's comment has been refined since or if I just overread into it but I'm really just talking about whether the authors of the Bible intended for it to be taken literally or as myth.
Nakora 06.03.2018
I agree, there are times when you have to let them fail. My ex and I would get in fights about that. He always wanted to prevent them from making mistakes or failing because he felt like it meant he failed as a parent, whereas I think it is ok for them to fail and make mistakes (within reason and as long as the aren't in danger) because those are learning experiences.
Gardajar 08.03.2018
He perhaps wanted to be accepted...but ultimately got everyone. Banned by Harlem Shake and hopefully soon he'll lose his job at Rutgers.
Zolokora 12.03.2018
Not to get political and all but..................
Naramar 20.03.2018
You are probably not familiar with the US justice system. In the Common Law system what is law is decided by courts of jury. By the people.
JoJolabar 24.03.2018
Again, Paul is the apostle of the Gentiles, Rom. 11:13. Signs/miracles are for the Jews. John 4:48; 1Corinthians 1:22. Again, if you have read it then you would know.
Shaktishicage 28.03.2018
Their paws are irresistably cuter than hands. : )
Moogujora 06.04.2018
Kap's attorney says they have it, though it could be grandstanding.
Mezilmaran 12.04.2018
You need to get on that lol
Kajira 16.04.2018
I?m only against it when my breathing is compromised because I?m getting choked (for obvious reasons). Or when there?s not enough lube. Lube is important. And consent ?that?s an ABSOLUTE must. Never presume that
Kajikasa 20.04.2018
Nope. Read those word counts again. Critical thinking would lead people to see the Bible as an "Evil Book", not the "Good Book". Try it sometime.
Daizil 22.04.2018
Evolutionists spend so much time trying to disprove a god. ??
Moogucage 01.05.2018
Obviously the teachings associated with the Christ figure did not write themselves, and we know that they were floating around as an oral tradition before they were written down within 100 years of his alleged historical appearance. The person who wrote the "Word", who came up with that, creatively, most certainly existed.
Mishakar 09.05.2018
Well... we almost had a contender for winner. And then he copped out and suggested he wasn't being quite such a hedonist.
Zukasa 11.05.2018
Obama was an incredible liar.
Mazujora 19.05.2018
They shouldn't have abandoned their daughter. They brought this drama on themselves.
Gozragore 30.05.2018
I blocked Mel because she kept sending me dick pics
Nisho 08.06.2018
1. Anyone who can justify killing another human being, because their deity tells them it is okay, is immoral. Any deity that asks you to kill a child is immoral.
Maulabar 11.06.2018
You are full of bigoted hatred.
Darg 19.06.2018
Then I'll pray for you.
Tuktilar 23.06.2018
I'm sure all of the above played some sort of role in driving down troll attacks here on The Atlantic Discussions. But the overall thrust of responsible communities fending off attacks by expending their energies against those waves of trolls is that one's energy is thus diverted from writing and publishing material that is far more politically effective. That's also one of the major aims of troll factories and individual trolls devoted to specific causes and candidates.
Goll 28.06.2018
How about Mike Stahl who wants atheists registered like sex offenders. Or Mike Crook who wants atheists and lgbt to be made a death penalty punishment?
Mauzil 03.07.2018
yes, cause the idiot right loves these culture war stories
Dorisar 07.07.2018
Correct. You're attributing a lot of stuff to god that people did, or that people claim god did. God is love. It's that simple.
Tojajind 15.07.2018
Those are good questions. I would point out, at risk of being persnickety, that those questions address a religion's
Vuzuru 22.07.2018
Were you making a similar accusation against the MSM during the Obama years? That, at least, would have been accurate.
Kagazilkree 26.07.2018
I think the poet meant rage as a metaphor for putting on the proverbial big boy hat. That we should be brave against an unbeatable enemy, that we should be bold and unhindered as that last battle approaches. I view it more as a call to live well than to die in any particular way.
Zuhn 31.07.2018
It's like the 1940s all over again! Before the negroes got uppity, and we could talk about how awful it was how they thought they were good enough to use the same water fountains as us normal Americans! My children use those fountains! What if they get some kind of Negro cooties?

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