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» » Disloacted jaw and multiple facial fractures

Disloacted jaw and multiple facial fractures

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Disloacted jaw and multiple facial fractures
Disloacted jaw and multiple facial fractures
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Zulkigami 12.05.2018
But isn't accepting Jesus's gift just a metaphor for believing the story to be true?
Gugis 15.05.2018
But that was just another Banker's War.
Dirr 18.05.2018
Super easy. 15 or 20 minutes prep, 8 hours in crock pot on low. Most put in freezer for later.
Meztizil 21.05.2018
I give up. Someone else want to explain this to him?
Daigrel 27.05.2018
Ah yes, science.
Tonris 28.05.2018
I'm not "exhibiting discomfort". I'm saying that this is a) off topic for the religion thread, b) the same stupid bunch of talking points you fart out at least once a week and c) ill-considered.
Zugul 01.06.2018
No one knows how the universe came into existence, least of all people who are biblical literalists.
Junos 02.06.2018
"if you want to you can say it was a lie."
Mazuzragore 08.06.2018
God is prevalent in all.
Brarg 19.06.2018
How about Matt Powell, the Christian pastor who is now calling for the government to "humanely" execute gay folks. You folks don't have any room to talk.
Kashura 24.06.2018
They love us
Kajirg 03.07.2018
Good for you.
Braran 11.07.2018
I, like many other Christians, was born into a Christian family and was raised to love and serve Jesus. Our parents taught us to faithfully walk out the mystery of faith.
Zulkizahn 17.07.2018
The reality is you are a fucking moron who lives in fantasy land.
Grosho 20.07.2018
How on earth do you know what these women would do if men were afraid of them sexually harassing them?
Daitilar 25.07.2018
Why does being "right" about morality matter? Why can't we simply judge the consequences?
Makasa 27.07.2018
Damn right we are!!
Gardarisar 07.08.2018
The machines are always down at our McDonald's. I've even been told at 7:30 in the morning that the machine is down for cleaning. One would think the night crew would clean it before they go, as most people want coffee drinks in the morning. : /
Shaktikinos 11.08.2018
I don't think anal anything is right
Doujas 20.08.2018
Like... Here, now it's super easy to be a stalker... XD
Malajas 28.08.2018
Let's be honest... Or maybe, I'll be honest & you can be yourself.
Zolokinos 02.09.2018
"First, that should be known laws of physics as we don't know everything about the "existing" laws of physics."
Malajas 12.09.2018
no more engineers. The one I have is quite enough lol
Tezahn 18.09.2018
nah, i really don't think he deserve a second chance. thankyou so much for the tip

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