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Hot cunts fick big dicks Big dick

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ExxxtraSmall -Tightly Packed Petite Teen Used For Sex

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Are there unicorns on this road too? What kind of idiot would go on a road where there is no gas station for a THOUSAND miles?

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Hot cunts fick big dicks Big dick
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Part of being an honest person, is to not take a comment and make the worst possible assumption about that comment.
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Obama is out of office, figuring out how he can spend the tens of millions he got out of his book and movie deals, enjoying his life. He doesn't need damage control.
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As long as the find my phone feature is activated and the drone can see the public space, I suppose I would be cool with my wife meeting people she's never met before.
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In well plenty to amuse you
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Keep responding kid. I enjoy watching you melt like a snowflake at the site of my posts.
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?The road to hell is paved with good intentions?
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Unless the windows of Heaven are opened unto you, you will not be able to understand me when i say i know it.
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OK....Cerebral palsy is a normal part of the population.
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Nah, if you love Jesus and accept Him as your lord and savior you won?t be kept out of heaven. Your sins and heretical ways might earn you some time in Purgaoty though. Best to cleanse the sin in this life to get to heaven sooner. You can always convert and follow Him through His Bride and sanctify yourself to Sainthood to get there sooner... just sayin?
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When the tattoo topic popped up with my daughter, we told her to remember she used to love Barney.
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We certainly disagree on gods but Trump is not religious at all. He is no Christian. I fear that later Christians will pull a No True Scotsman and blame atheists. The guy is using religion to fool people. He is not the first.
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That's what I said. Hardly cutting off your nose to spite your face though, is it?
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His spreading the Arabic translation of the bible by military force as a new religion is nothing but Arabic nationalism. In this way he turned Arabs from a small obscure tribe to the greatest civilisation.
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#1 - The full golden rule, KJV is "do unto others as you would have them do unto you." I use a different translation, but that one is commonly used. Basically, treat others as you would like them to treat you.
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That is different.
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Ha, very good...and you?re what? 35? A baby really....
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They're only good for spinning on the lunch table so they stand upright.
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This can only mean one thing:
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Jesus didn't say that either. That comes from the vision or dream of the writer of the Book of Revelations - nearly 100 years after Jesus. You seem pretty invested in this "Jesus as terrorist" conspiracy.
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I had this happen a long time ago with a hair salon as well. Quoted one price, but then this or that product is more expensive blah blah blah, then a higher price at the end. It wasn't a huge difference. I just think if you are adding services that will raise the quoted price you should say something. They know what they're doing.

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