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» » Yekooche fist nation Welcome to Yekooche First Nation, British Columbia

Yekooche fist nation Welcome to Yekooche First Nation, British Columbia


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Looks pretty good to me. And we don't need gods to disagree.

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Yekooche fist nation Welcome to Yekooche First Nation, British Columbia
Yekooche fist nation Welcome to Yekooche First Nation, British Columbia
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Brakora 23.02.2018
I disagree with your assertion.
Sajind 02.03.2018
i get their newsletter, but no longer can comment...i think they don't like me!!!
Dorr 08.03.2018
He only said to treat slaves well, not that slavery itself was wrong, correct?
Aragore 13.03.2018
So its all true except that its not? You realize that's a contradiction, right? You realize people disagree on which parts are just a "nice story with a moral" and which are god's laws.... because if everyone agreed then this wouldn't even be up for contention. Is the creation story in Genesis a "nice story with a moral" or a historical telling of fact? Is the story of Barabbas Jesus and Jesus a jewish scapegoat parable or a fact by fact telling? At what point do we decide that none of its true? There isn't exactly a key or primer that denotes one from the other.
Tukinos 21.03.2018
Akinogore 25.03.2018
Actually he was a chef who commented on life and food around the world. He made more money than you, and paid more in taxes and that qualified him to put his 2 cents in just like anyone here. He saw Trump for the bloated puss bag he is who destroyed Atlantic City and spoke about it. Atlantic City is where America is headed so you bettet get used to it.
Kejar 01.04.2018
Forget your appeals to authority. Outside of the Bible there's not a shred of evidence that Jesus Christ ever existed. The elephant in the room here is the fact that none of the supposed disciples are mentioned by a single historian either. No mentions of Paul preaching from Mars Hill or anywhere, no mentions of Peter bringing new doctrine to Rome no mentions of any disciples suffering for their faith or being martyred. We know the entries in Josephus were put there by the Church, Eusebius the infamous liar and church "historian" because had they been there Origen would surely have mentioned them in his arguments with pagans. It's the greatest story ever sold and all you have to support it is long debunked arguments and not a shred a of evidence.
Dojinn 10.04.2018
I think any kind of rational argument is lost on this one.
Kazir 18.04.2018
That's strange. When I searched google for "what is darwinism" I got this:
Shagrel 25.04.2018
Or how romantic can a well lit pron set be to have no shadows anywhere?
Tygokree 29.04.2018
Let's not forget former Police Chief Bill Blair was given an award by 'grateful' Tamils following their occupation of downtown Toronto. Then he won election in Scarborough as a Liberal candidate.
Moogugor 06.05.2018
"Big Bang" I'd bet the sexual connotations are not without intention.
Taukus 09.05.2018
You are using an agument that failed legally, in the 60s
Akigal 11.05.2018
What do you think needs to happen before we can all live in peace and in community together with other races, cultures and ethnic diversity?
Meztirg 17.05.2018
Since you are positing National Review as a science journal, did you get past 8th grade Earth Science?
Tejinn 26.05.2018
Then let's see it. All the scientific evidence I've seen disagrees with your statement.
JoJoramar 03.06.2018
Sorry, I don?t see the contradiction.
Zulusida 08.06.2018
As if making claims to knowledge you don't have were anything but dishonest.
Yoshura 10.06.2018
Yeah, diabetes is hilarious.
Kazitaur 15.06.2018
If you have a stance on the philosophy of mathematics and it's potential discovery or invention; it would really lead to a more meaningful discussion. As far as my comment of quadratic equations I hear those like you, cliam god is only in the bible, to which I disagree.
Zulkim 20.06.2018
Yeah because I am the first and only one to pose this question, right?
Maukinos 26.06.2018
I couldn't imagine a more embarrassing situation.
Malakree 04.07.2018
The contribution to the whole. Does that contribution lead to flourishing or disintegration? That's why it matters what one does for a living. It's the fifth rung of Buddhism's Eightfold Path: right livelihood.
Nihn 08.07.2018
He does not look the healthiest, he should resign and finish out the rest of his years at Mar-a-lago.
Brakree 14.07.2018
:( I actually like my coworkers.
Tashakar 20.07.2018
Still trying to debate an admitted troll I see. Fuck me you morons are funny as.
Groshakar 22.07.2018
Only it's NOT demonstrable. Cumulative change isn't observed.
Yolabar 29.07.2018
someone doesn't know how to have fun.
Shahn 09.08.2018
As a rule, I don't respond to pivots.
Kazimi 14.08.2018
And there is the primary reason for the high suicide rate among homosexuals.
Zululabar 16.08.2018
and fraudulent votes were found california and other places are handing out id's, that aren't challenged at the voting much for the popular vote!!!
Julrajas 17.08.2018
I'm at work, but bored. Too quiet around here today. Regular semester hasn't started, and the ones that started early aren't here today. Just quiet...
Tygogis 26.08.2018
What drove you to Agnosticism?
Kilrajas 31.08.2018
you need to up your meds

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