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Effects of glycerin liquid on anal

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My certainty is 0 on the first scale, and I'm much less clear on the second scale. My certainty there would be more than 50 and less than 100.

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Effects of glycerin liquid on anal
Effects of glycerin liquid on anal
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Arashishakar 06.06.2018
Was that the problem?
Kirr 11.06.2018
Lol. He just happened to be Christian.
Arashilkis 16.06.2018
OMG. I just watched Tomi Lahren getting water thrown on her. This is one of the happiest days of my life.
Tekus 26.06.2018
"But hasbara has become in recent years the new Jewish religion and a
Akinokora 29.06.2018
Nope there is. All the Christians are Gods. They are born from God.
Brarn 07.07.2018
Hilarious that somehow Harpers majority was illigit to you guys at 39.7%, but Turdeaus is perfectly valid at 39.2%. VERY convenient
Gokasa 14.07.2018
Don't quit your day job, you are terrible at this.
Akilmaran 17.07.2018
what's his current involvement with the other girl and his other kid?
Zutaur 23.07.2018
We told you what was off topic. We have threads on abortion and they get heated. It was not something we wished to discuss here today.
Kigarn 30.07.2018
As many as needed
Mezuru 08.08.2018
A wonderful summation of why any rational person would avoid such a stupid ideology.
Nekasa 11.08.2018
No. But look at what the hateful atheists want:
Migami 17.08.2018
The pastors give out private lessons.
Mikall 23.08.2018
Off topic trolling.
Moogujin 01.09.2018
"Why should one accept that premise?"
Fetaxe 08.09.2018
It's bad form to mention it during a campaign but it's obvious he's gonna have to cut gov't jobs and social service programs.
Doukazahn 15.09.2018
I have, seems like you have Texas IQ.
Zumuro 16.09.2018
Thereby establishing the existence of subjective morality.
Yozshushicage 22.09.2018
Reality tunnel is a term, akin to the idea of representative realism. The theory states that, with a subconscious set of mental filters formed from his or her beliefs and experiences, every individual interprets the same world differently, hence "Truth is in the eye of the beholder" The gene-pool politics which monitor power struggles among terrestrial humanity are transcended in this info-world, i.e. seen as static, artificial charades. One is neither coercively manipulated into another's territorial reality nor forced to struggle against it with reciprocal game-playing (the usual soap opera dramatics). One simply elects, consciously, whether or not to share the other's reality tunnel.
Kajijora 01.10.2018
In less than a year we need to kick NDP out of Alberta provincial legislature.
Mooguzilkree 06.10.2018
Overall, because most of this argument is simply whether or not male baby circumcision has marginal benefit and the medical consensus is that it's safe and possibly more healthy, I perfectly showed all the extreme negative positions to be BS.
Fesho 13.10.2018
Computer code does not have to be bent in 3 dimensions to work properly, proteins do have to be bent properly to work properly.
Arabei 23.10.2018
Unlikely and hardly unique.
Bragis 02.11.2018
Why would they get that far? As soon as he knew he was being asked to custom design a cake, he informed them that he couldn't do it so as not to lead them on.
Vutaur 09.11.2018
Yes it is
Akinolmaran 14.11.2018
The concept of open borders is a separate issue.
Shaktinris 22.11.2018
I just did. But thanks anyway for the reminder, Ma!...
Samule 24.11.2018
Spreading the gospel of the turkey baster method is what I live for.
Dougami 03.12.2018
You were invited, I wasn't. You were invited, weren't you? Or do you just like to crash bat mitzvahs. lol
Dour 09.12.2018
Just what I needed!
Zuzuru 14.12.2018
More now than ever, one of the reasons I am glad I retired. I was dealing with people that could not balance a checkbook or even tell you where their money was going

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