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To educate yourself in the real History of the Church, its Politics, and Orders; something they do not teach in schools.

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Doulrajas 04.03.2018
Pedantic projections. Anything else asshole?
Faektilar 12.03.2018
But not as embarrassing as your posts.
Nadal 14.03.2018
Nope. Islamists use Islam to justify their terrorist or political agendas. Most Muslims just want to live their lives like everyone else.
Kimuro 18.03.2018
I really enjoy my sins and am rather proud of my vice collection.
Bar 28.03.2018
LOL!! Go peddle your nonsense elsewhere.
JoJojinn 02.04.2018
Erik the illegal dishwasher is an ingrate refugee from shithole Panama.
Nagor 06.04.2018
You're not "explaining" jack shit, Trumpkin. You're just flailing around and bumbling around pathetically and desperately about the normalcy of NK's government. You come across as kinda nuts, frankly. Not sure what your endgame is here......except to look like one of the more prolific nuts on PRB, perhaps?
Vuktilar 10.04.2018
You failed to understand the difference between theist and christian, but even so. Christians have been involved in mass slaughter all over the world.
Tet 10.04.2018
I bet you think this song is about you.
Tygot 17.04.2018
But if a car lot sells fords, but you won?t sell someone a ford because they?re gay, that?s where the discrimination begins. They weren?t asking for something that the baker didn?t provide to anyone else.
Kagore 17.04.2018
You promised not to tell!!!!!
Gagal 24.04.2018
Wheres samcro at?
Yora 29.04.2018
HA! What does what happened that many years ago have to do with Trump????? And ANYTHING that comes out of the liberal rag NYT is nothing but garbage lol!
Shagore 07.05.2018
How is this MAGA?
Kajijin 11.05.2018
"I would be more than happy to see all the fat cats on both sides called out on the bs they have and or are pulling."
Tejas 16.05.2018
Nope. I found out I have a right to decline my ballot in Ontario, and that's what I'm doing.
Douran 23.05.2018
Robert, do you know the definition of presupposition? It is an assumption that is so fully believed that we have essentially forgotten it is a belief. It has become a "fact." Those presuppositions were born in philosophy and proved so useful that they served as the foundation for the scientific method. We are unique among species in having figured out and extended upon those particular philosophical presuppositions. You appear to have forgotten this backstory to our current scientific exploration.
Tarr 31.05.2018
I have no stake. People can believe whatever they want. I escaped the indoctrination. If I can help someone that is surrounded by this stuff and wants someone sane to talk to I'm here.
Mazur 07.06.2018
I suffer fools poorly. Don't play games. Google is awesome for learning.
Akikus 09.06.2018
Religion seems to be a key aspect of human culture. No one wants to praise Cuba and North Korea as great countries, even though they are avowedly committed to stomping out religion as it exists in neighbouring states.
Melabar 17.06.2018
I only blocked one person the entire three years that i've been on Disqus. Lady Checkmate & she's still blocked 2 & a half years later. I'd prefer not dealing with her again!
Kazikinos 19.06.2018
So, for Teacher Appreciation Week, they each received a $25 Amazon gift card. Know what I got for Administrative Professionals Day?! NADA!
Sale 25.06.2018
The punishment should fit the crime, IMO. Losing a job over 10 words is excessive in my book. Besides, this is 2018. He might wear ladies underwear.

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