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Again, simply because I don't believe in a paricular claim from someone, does not mean I think the person is a liar.

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Vudozilkree 21.02.2018
Yes it is
Kigacage 27.02.2018
Facts have no bearing on creationism as creationests are immune to facts and reality
Moshakar 05.03.2018
No, James, none of them are cogent. None of them are even remotely intelligent. Not that I expect much from you, a bigot with such serious issues that you can't even parse the fact that Jack Philips already had religious liberty, never had his rights even close to touched in the case, and was a bigot just like you.
Dakinos 08.03.2018
"His defense is that she reached out to him but he fails to realize that
Muzshura 14.03.2018
Interesting opinion. Not one I share.
Vudozragore 22.03.2018
That is a shallow understanding of the origins of World War 1. Gavrilo Princep's attack on Archduke Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo was merely an excuse. World War 1 was an extension of the border wars that the European powers especially France, Germany, and Great Britain, had been fighting for centuries.
Ket 31.03.2018
They have less because they look at how much tax they pay and how expensive poor government policy has made so many things and conclude they can't afford to large families. Same thing will happen to second and third generation of those immigrating today.
Mezimi 05.04.2018
It's not a child abuse ritual, and if you think it is, you need to spend a little more time reviewing the news to see what children actually have to deal with.
Groshakar 06.04.2018
it is one way to seperqate the control freaks from the rest.
Tugul 12.04.2018
totally. damn glaucoma. it's a beast.
Jugore 18.04.2018
So does belief in God.
Muzragore 21.04.2018
We shall see..
Sharn 27.04.2018
Canada has helped the US at every opportunity. We're not just allies, we're partners.
Bamuro 05.05.2018
Hey we agree on something! Huzzah! :)

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