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The same as the example of your car! That bird is a much more complicated object than your car. The car is definitely the product of design! How can one think any different of a living, breathing, flesh and blood bird!!! It's a no brainer! Hey! Thanks!!!

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Drunken mature sandra
Drunken mature sandra
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Fek 05.03.2018
So much would be avoided if people stopped having sex with folks they don't know.
Negami 11.03.2018
Oh I do, Just not at the gym, the gym I workout is mostly men.
Balkree 20.03.2018
the soul is a chrstian construct. There is no evidence that one exists
Kazikazahn 21.03.2018
As Hume said. "The wise man proportions his beliefs to the evidence." What is the evidence that a dead Jew (or any human) can return from being dead for 3 day or any of the other extra ordinary claims in the bible?
Vom 23.03.2018
As you've mentioned clearly, scientists have been well aware of carbon dating fluctuations in accuracy. The further you go back, the less accurate dating. This almost appears aimed for the public rather than the scientific community.
Bradal 30.03.2018
Comparing today's illicit drug problems to those 60 years ago is pathetic. Illicit drugs and diversity are the problem whether you choose to acknowledge it or not. Why wasn't there the same amount of crime percentage wise that there is now?
Zulunris 01.04.2018
That's right, UNLAWFUL.
Samukinos 03.04.2018
I would be unhappy w/any religious instruction in public schools. I am also
Mejin 04.04.2018
That i the jewelry industry selling to market. The market of overpriced rings for men is pretty slim. Along with other lies they sell, like a ring should be 3 months salary.
Daitaxe 07.04.2018
I do that to my bed too. I don't tuck them in at home. My Mom and my Sister-in-Law make these super tight military corners that make me feel like I'm in a straight jacket. I always pull them free.
Kajin 13.04.2018
I'm not an atheist.
Guramar 15.04.2018
Good and Plenty, eh?
Yoktilar 18.04.2018
Who decides which is which? If god wanted people to take parts literally why not say that rather than leaving us simple mortals to figure it out for ourselves?
Kigor 26.04.2018
where do we start?
Zulugal 02.05.2018
So dead bodies prove that there is no soul that goes somewhere else?
Gardakazahn 07.05.2018
Your fallible human judgement is the reason you believe in God.
JoJorg 14.05.2018
Wow, hope you enjoyed writing whatever you wrote, because I took one glance at the length of your diatribe and decided based on your past snarky/asinine comments, it was probably not worth my time.
Dogami 22.05.2018
You're trying too hard.
Zulugami 27.05.2018
I so want to post this on my Facebook feed but it would probably lead to World War III.
Nami 02.06.2018
Gradualism is a myth. If its not, let's see the genetic evidence of it creating new splits etc novelty. Its that simple you know. Why do you guys get so upset at us anyways? We just point out...a hyp that states mutation is continuously producing diversity must actually be doing it. Genetics can see things happening real time. Its just not there. That's why evo biologists theorists are looking into horizontal cross transfer of sequence etc things like that. Its because gradual change is small and short term, but not continuous or cumulative in species.
Kigadal 06.06.2018
So tell me why only your god exists, but the over 10,000 other gods and goddesses ever worshiped by humans do not exist. And why should we believe a small group of desert nomads, who invented your god, does exist, when they book you use to prove your god exists, the bible, is so full of lies, contradictions and outrageous claims, is what you Christians typically use to prove your claims.
Daigis 14.06.2018
And how many people have been killed by people wearing blue jeans? Thousands . . . so those get restricted.
Zujar 22.06.2018
Yeah I think some men and some women are just wired differently when it comes to that.
Zolonris 30.06.2018
Ok Just me, I think we both have exhausted our perspectives. You fall more on the line of rigidity, I fall more on the line of leniency and recognize people are human.

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