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Which? That there's no God? It's not that tragic. You just think that because you live in a universe that extends about twelve inches from your own head. Don't feel bad - most people do.

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Curly russian pornstar
Curly russian pornstar
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JoJora 23.03.2018
None, I don't need them here because I haven't been banned.
Mezizahn 24.03.2018
Pardon me, I meant the world in a complete sense. Not simply the planet but the universe. Correction there.
Akinotaxe 04.04.2018
Oooh. Thank you luv. Followed! <3
JoJomi 09.04.2018
If She didn't have ovaries, She'd be my Father.
Shashura 11.04.2018
t does tell you how good the freindship is,, and how important the grooms wishes are.
Dousida 15.04.2018
I see you adding comments with your own brand of absurdity. I was never taught in school that "science has refuted religion". I wasn't taught about evolution myself, but I didn't take biology in high school.
Mezishicage 23.04.2018
You dont know anything about me for you to claim that my "behavior is harmful".
Kiganos 26.04.2018
If you vote lib or ndp there is something seriously wrong with you.
Faukus 05.05.2018
Saying "good luck", by the way, does not imply that I believe anything; do you struggle with language comprehension in general? Now, if I'd said "don't walk on the cracks because you'll get bad luck" then, sure... but using the word doesn't in and of itself prove that one has some crazy notions.
Mektilar 15.05.2018
God attracts sincere worship, because He leads the wise to realize that the good life depends on being maximally in harmony with the universe, which in turn depends on being maximally attuned to the creator.
Tubar 20.05.2018
Tell the doctor the treatment isn't working. Up the doses or something.
Shaktizuru 26.05.2018
What we have seen of mass shootings in the US shows us that most if not all were carried out by white christianist terrorists.
Mushura 05.06.2018
1. A night trial was illegal in both Judea and the Roman Empire
Gardazahn 14.06.2018
Your post makes zero sense.
Zolozil 19.06.2018
you and thinking are not on speaking terms today apparently
Kazrak 25.06.2018
God can't be disproved of course, which is why assertions about deities works on people. It's not much of a reason for belief, but I guess it works for some.
Mokazahn 02.07.2018
Can I be Amy or Tina when I grow up? Please?
Zukinos 08.07.2018
Here's an ombre, and that's the spirit.

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