Schedule For This Year

Planning and operations are moving forward for the 5th Georgetown Film Festival / Adams Morgan Film Festival… we are in the process of securing a location, films are arriving from around the world and many people are interested in volunteering and helping us make this a wonderfully successful event.

Within the next few weeks we’ll have a listing of places to purchase film block passes in advance – $5 as usual – where you can go to purchase opening night tickets and additional event tickets. If you would like to volunteer, please send us an email, tell us what you’d like to do and when you are available…

Kind Regards,

Previous Year Submission Form

Here are the 2005 submission forms… please fill them out completely. C’mon, it isn’t too difficult, and if you can make a movie you should be able to fill out a form. AND PRINT YOUR NAME AND ADDRESS CLEARLY. Remember – VHS for screeners, please. Use the same form for both Georgetown and Adams Morgan. At this time we will review all films at the festival office but then show them in different venues – Adams Morgan will be more experimental, more animation focused, and Georgetown wil be more narrative and documentary focused. But that is not worked out yet and we will probably end up entirely in Adams Morgan…

The only difference is that this season we are raising the submission fee to $25 for regular filmmakers like yourself and $5 for students…like yourself!

This year we are going to try and build a music festival into the program… live music for 4 days! And we are going to take music video submissions… to submit music video’s to the festival just use the same form but write music video on the front of the submission form… and a genre – rock, shoegaze, trench crawl, bubba rock, folk, whatever… and include the band bio and a CD. This is our first year doing this and it should be cool… we are also going to have a live music festival as part of the film festival… we have a music director who wiill coordinate the program and we’ll announce his/her name and contact info very shortly…

The idea is to schedule bands, all manner of mucical acts and singers, duos – all that stuff – between film breaks in a different tent… should be a ton of fun.

Please review this submissions form carefully. You can download the form in ACROBAT.pdf format, print it out, fill it in and mail it to us with your entry fee.

Our partners at the Venice International Film Festival CIRCUITO OFF would welcome your submissions and we encourage you to visit them at the above link.

Film Log For the Festival

The Official 2005 Film Log
Executive Director of Programming: Jeannette Catsoulis
Director of Programming: Tad Doyle
Assistant Director of Programming: OPEN
Technical Director: Eric “The Dude” Stillions
Assistant Official Film Logger: Steve “Big Reel” Duggan
2005 Festival Dude and Official Film Logger: OPEN
This log is only a confirmation of films received. It is here merely to let our filmmakers know that we have received the work. This is not a list of films in competition. If you are selected for screening at the Georgetown Film Festival2005/Adams Morgan Film Festival 2005 you will receive a request for a BETA SP of the film being requested. This is not a complete list. The deadline is between August 15th – September 15, 2005. We are still looking for a location, and WE WILL FIND ONE. Thanks for your patience and your understanding.
title RT genre feat/short
1 bad man give me 00:01:22 animation short
6 bad boingos 00:34:17 narrative/UK short
9:30 F Street 1:27:00 documentary feature
10 days on the edge 00:00:56 animation short
12 Stories about Eileen 00:21:00 narrative short
A Bloody Mess 01:12:00 narrative feature
A Few Good Dykes 00:50:00 documentary feature
Above and Beyone 00:39;55 documentary short
Adams Morgan & Childhood Friends 00:00:00 interactive feature
Adios papitas fritas 00:13:57 something short
African Expedisound 00:52:00 documentary feature
Angel of Death 00:28:45 narrative short
The Afflicted 00:13:00 no description short
The Aggrevation 00:04:12 animation short
The Avenues 01:36:44 narrative feature
AXE 00:00:35 animation short
Beyond the Ocean 01:29:0 narrative feature
BLUE LINE : Destination Cristylez 00:35:00 documentary short
boa bound for bastonge 00:10:45 narrative short
The Body 00:33:36 narrative short
Bonzi 00:20:00 narrative short
Calling All Stations 00:16:32 documentary short
CALUMNA HUMANOID 00:14:17 documentary short
Cemetery 00:07:12 narrative short
Chopping Block 01:44:45 narrative feature
Clarity 00:07:45 narrative short
CLEAN 00:04:05 narrative short
The Cross and the Crossroads 00:29:38 documentary short
DISCOVER ME 01:14:00 narrative feature
DISPOSITION 00:03:30 experimental short
DRAMATIC NARRATIVE 00:45:00 narrative feature
Dogme 25: Converging With Angles 02:38:00 narrative feature
Ethiopia Tesfay Alem 00:26:29 experimental documentary short
EVENFALL 00:30:00 NA short
FACADE 01:31:00 narrative feature
Fake, Fake, Fake! 00:20:40 narrative short
Fall 00:54:00 other feature
Field Trip 00:03:30 narrative short
fishing with tink n’ earl 00:14:39 narrative short
FLAMIN’ NA narrative short
Fleeting Freedom 00:06:13 narrative short
Flowers and Kisses 00:15:00 narrative short
Following Bliss 01:33:00 narrative feature
The Freelancer 00:08:03 experimental short
From Captive to Liberator 00:25:30 documentary short
The Fuzz 00:03:33 narrative short
Grace and the Storm 01;30;00 narrative feature
Graczk 00:02:11 animation short
Hard to Get 00:23:21 narrative short
Handshake 00:04:40 animation short
Homecoming 00:08:30 documentary
HOPE 00:20:11 narrative short
HOSPITALITY 01:17:00 narrative feature
HOTEL ST. COSMAS: Scholar’s Mate 00:09:01 animation short
HUMMUS Hotel, Nowhere 00:20:00 narrative short
In Modern Time 00:57:40 documentary feature
Jelly Pilgrim 00:04:07 animation short
Spank the Monkey II 00:00:36 animation short
Kung Fu Lee 00:03:44 animation short
Lackluster Syndrome 01:32:00 feature feature
The Leeward Tide 00:14:30 narrative short
Dung Buggy 00:18:00 narrative short
Life After June 1st 00:08:41 documentary short
Lifers 01:05:00 documentary feature
Life’s Illusions 00:19:00 some kinda short
Ligg of the Delinquent Shellfish 00:00:34 animation short
MARCO POLO 00:54:00 documentary feature
MDM 00:37:00 documentary short
The Meeting 00:07:30 narrative short
MISSION 01:35:00 narrative feature
MIYA cambodia/new york city 00:35:00 experimental short
Moving Forward 00:27:00 documentary short
The Night Trip 01:16:00 mockumentary feature
Night Love Zulu 00:00:45 animation short
Nine Men Down 00:60:00 documentary feature
Not Another Tolkien Movie 01:28:00 narrative/documentary feature
Parasomnia 00:07:00 narrative short
The Photographer 00:15:50 narrative /experimental short
Postcard from Auschwitz 00:16:06 documentary short
PROPAGANDA 00:15:00 documentary short
Thug Monkey 00:00:12 animation real short
Q & A 00:24:00 experimental/doc short
QUITTERS 00:12:00 narrative short.
Rose 00:20:04 narrative short
HA HAP HAPPY 00:06:40 animation short
The Sandbox 00:05:30 annimation short
September 12 01:17:00 narrative feature
Skillful Hands & Artistic Vision 00:27:30 documentary short
Soliloquy 00:06:02 experimental short
Something About W 00:40:00 documentary short
Something Sweet 00:04:10 music video MV
Stand Up! 00:29:00 documentary short
STATIC 00:00:00 narrative short
Steel Valley 00:20:00 narrative short
Storm in a Bottle 00:16:45 no description short
Sustenance 00:14:00 experimental short
Sut Joong 00:26:00 narrative short
SUUCAP HUFFY’S 00:23:12 narrative short
Sutter Butter 00:10:14 narrative short
Svetlana’s Stupid Sandwhich Dog 40:00:00 documentary short
Symphony 00:50:00 documentary feature
TABOO “Serious about Sex” 00:20:30 documentary short
yo yo and the bing bangs 00:02:45 animation short
The Coffee Pot Chronicles 00:37:09 narrative short
Taiwan Aborigines 01:37:00 documentary feature
Thanatos Road 00:25:12 narrative short
Thailand, Crossing the Golden Line 00:35:16 documentary short
Ties On A Fence… 00:56:00 documentary feature
TimeCam: The 11th Day 00:49:00 narrative feature
Timeless 00:15:00 short short
Toilet Blunts 00:12:11 something short
Vernissages narrative / ITALIA short
Waiting for Ronald 00:21:49 narrative short
Want some more? Huh? 00:13:05 animation short
The Way 00:04:16 music video MV
What About the Boxers 00:09:30 short short
(W)Hole 00:11:44 narrative/silent short
Zach & Avery of Fergus 01:54:00 narrative/experimental feature

The Latest Scoops

So far, no big news to report… not sure we’ll be doing the films at farragut program this year or the cinema on the canal either; but we’ll try and have a great downtown festival regardless… here are a few photos from our original theatre located in Georgetown…

ABOVE This is our original stage set with our small screen from 2001, our first year. The stage was built by KADCON and the chairs were supplied by one of the really cool house goods stores in Georgetown. We spent three days clearing the space out, sweeping out the building and turning it into a remarkable film and event space.


ABOVE This is a shot from the stage looking into the audience during a film break between film blocks in 2002; the media control booth is in the center, in the far back with the blue LCD lights of the decks and monitors visible… the projector is above, in the foreground just above the couple in the front row… this was a magical experience and the entire theatre was filled to capacity EVERY SHOW for three days… remarkable.



ABOVELooking into the theatre from the front door, just past the ticket and promo table… this is opening night 2003 and Hurricane Isabel is raging outside with 50 mph winds and sheets of rain and debris… they closed the roads, closed Georgetown and essentially shut the city down but we were all set to open up and show films and get the festival off to a great start… although we were the only ones there we showed films all night until 4am…

WELCOME to the Georgetown Film Festival 2010…



The Festival is scheduled for mid-October and will be held in Washington, DC. in the same original theatre where we have held it for so many years. Our concentration this season is on narrative and realism, and we welcome any and all intrepretations which adhere to those simple creative guidelines.

This season we will focus on the idea of getting back to the basics of film making and storytelling, back to the simplest form of the medium, back to super 8, back to 16 mm and then on thru to digital and hyper-digital image processing… and looking at the body of film work as a collective narrative of development in the medium.

We’ll be adding to this as we go, but that is essentially the idea.

Good luck to all film makers, we are looking forward to you submissions and a wonderful 2010 festival season